Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crazy Car Sleeping

Life really is never boring for long around the Roberts household. 

You can always find us getting into something. 

Honestly I think we must have been gypsy's in a past life but just can't seem to want to uproot in this one. We never stay at home for too long. The longest we've stayed in our house was when I was pregnant with the Tinks. 

We yesterday/today was no exception. My Dad and his girlfriend have gotten into buying wholesale and selling at auctions and things to get some extra money. Well this weekend they decided to take their stuff up to a flea market in Fletcher, NC., and guess who tagged along? 

You got it! We did. 

We have some things we've needed to get rid of years ago but have left up in closets and under beds and in storage, so why not? We packed everything up Friday and that evening we headed up there. It was pretty easy to find and didn't take us long to find a slew of tables that would work for us. So we marked them as ours, left our trailers there, and went off to find a hotel for the night. 

This is where things get interesting. I have no idea what else was going on around this area but there were NO rooms for us. (At lease not at a hotel I wouldn't be afraid of catching some disease at :/)

So after the ridiculous search and two screaming tired kids, we decided to just go to Walmart and get blankets, pillows, and food. Then, we went back to the Flea Market and (YOU GUESSED IT) slept in our car! 

It honestly sounds more dramatic than it was. We have a huge SUV so all we had to do was put down seats, throw down some blankets, and make ourselves comfy. Amazingly enough it was kind of fun. Something way different than we have ever done before. Also, we were not the only ones "camped out" and we were locked on the grounds with an officer patrolling (so totally safe). 

It all turned out well and we were able to set up early make some extra money and add a new adventure to our list. 

Now we just have to go ACTUAL camping. 

I told you...never a dull moment. 

Have you had any crazy adventures lately?


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