Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blog Limbo? Why???

Wow, it has been awhile. Life has gotten crazy and I have just not had any extra time to do anything. I have a LOT to update on. 

First, The Tinks are 9 MONTHS OLD! How crazy is that?! I feel like it was just January and I just had them. They are doing amazing and getting SUPER big. They are seriously beautiful. I wish they didn't live so far away, but at least I get pictures!

Second, (and this is a big one) a week or so after I last Blogged I got really sick. I was in horrible pain and had a lot of issues. After multiple doctors and tests nothing was found that could be causing my problems. Instead of keeping with doctors I decided to just deal with and stop taking all medications I was on (vitamin D & Birth Control) since that was about the only thing I hadn't tried. 

About a week later I started feeling better and was slowing getting back to my normal self. It was crazy and I have no idea if it was the Vitamin or the birth control. I figured I would just figure out another birth control that could be safer after my next cycle. 

However, this happened......................

Completely crazy and unexpected!

First, we were done having kids. So done that I've sold or given away pretty much EVERYTHING! We are literally starting from scratch.

Second, If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know we had a horrible time getting pregnant with Lucas. Almost 2 years of trying before we got our little boy, so I never would have dreamed in million years that ONE month off of birth control could ever lead to me getting pregnant. I mean I know it happens but not for us. At least until now. It seriously still blows my mind. 

So, yeah, it's been a little crazy around here and I am so sorry for leaving my blog out in blog limbo. There is a lot more coming and I'll do a couple new posts on what changes are coming, all the pregnancy details, AND if this is a little girl or boy.

Until Then Bloggy Peeps!


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