Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two Months Later?!

Well, I did it again. Just left you all hanging.

So what about those upcoming events I was telling you I would post about?

When I say eventS I have no idea what I was talking about since there is only one really. That event is pretty big and has actually already happened. As of last week I am OFFICIALLY a Stay At Home Mom again! It's crazy, exciting, and scary all at the same time. 

After we found out we were pregnant again we had a lot to think about. We hadn't planned on having any more kids of our own, so we got rid of EVERYTHING! It's like we are starting from scratch. Which kind of stinks because everything I got last time was gender neutral and would have worked great and I LOVED that stuff. The stuff, however, wasn't the biggest problem we needed to figure out. Two kid in daycare and one in private school would be pretty pricey. In the end I would really be working to pay someone else to raise my kids. I just didn't see how that was good for any of us. So after much discussion and prayer we decided me going back to being a stay at home mom would be best. 

I am now currently 25 weeks pregnant! It's crazy how fast this pregnancy seems to going. It has so far been a WAY smoother than Lucas' or the Tinks. It's been nice. We do know what little babe is and his/her name. I've made videos on both that I will share in a later post. 

It's also hard to believe that in less than a month the Tinks will be 1!! 

Where has the time gone?! 


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