Friday, January 31, 2014

31 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello 31 Weeks! 

Nine weeks "left" or (as of today) 60 days "left".

I had my 3 hour glucose test this past Monday. I didn't take pictures or really document it like I did HERE for the surrogacy this time. Honestly, I didn't feel like it and this one was so much worse than that one. Fasting and doing this test pregnant is pure evil.  

I was suppose to be there at 7:30am to get started. I ended up there at at 7:15am and got my first blood draw at 7:35am. I then drank that nasty drink (which was much worse tasting then the one I drank for the 1 hour) and was sent on my way. I was told to be back at 8:30 to get the next draw at 8:35. 

I ended up spending that first hour trying anything I could to not throw up. It was absolutely miserable. At one point I ended up laying on the bathroom floor so I wouldn't throw up or pass out. I just knew if I threw up I was going to have to retake it another day. Which would have been crap because I would have had to get David to take another morning off of work and it would have just been a huge headache. 

I ended up making it! After that first hour and second draw I started feeling better. This place lets you do whatever you want as long as you are back by the right time. So I went back to my car after each draw and watched movies on my IPad and worked on Levi's blanket. At 10:30 I was finally done and went home.

The results were not suppose to take that long, however I still don't know anything. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe they haven't called because I passed or maybe they figure my appointment is Monday so they will just break the news to me then. Whatever the case I hope beyond hope that I passed. 

As far as how I'm feeling. For the most part I feel fine. I have the occasional pains and the sporadic horrible ones because little mister gets in these funky positions.  Other than that all is good. 

I am trying really hard to eat enough for Levi but well enough that I don't gain a lot a weight. Right now I am wavering between 8-10lb gain. I have to stay under a 20lb gain in order to get my water birth. 

My next Midwife appointment is Monday and I also made a chiropractic appointment for after. Hopefully I get good news and the Chiropractors is able to help all the hip pain that comes and goes. 

Here's my 31 Week Bump :)

Also, for fun, here's a comparison of three of my pregnancies at 30 Weeks. I don't have a picture of me at 30 weeks with Haleigh :(


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