Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gotta Love The Issues: 30 Weeks Pregnant

I really do try to keep up with this weekly pregnancy blog stuff. I start one every week but as I'm going through it, it just looks boring. Not that much changes "weekly", more like every couple of weeks. 

I mean honestly do you want to read the same thing every week? Didn't think so. 

So I'm just going back to being random as usual. Today I am 30 weeks pregnant and doing pretty well . 

He's starting to hurt more when he moves around, and he moves a lot!

I failed my stupid 1  hour glucose test. Which, drives me crazy because I have NEVER failed one before. So I have to go do a 3 hour test. Which is no fun, if you can remember from the one I blogged about when I was starting the surrogacy.

However that and the rest of my prenatal appointments are on hold at the moment. I thought after I quit my job the transition to a new insurance was going to be easy; that was what I was told. I planned like crazy, got all the info I was told to get, and talked to all the people I was told to talk to months in advance. But here we are still waiting and scared to death that I am going to be without insurance. I am just stuck at the moment and have no idea what to do. 

So here we are in limbo. 

On the plus side I got some really good deals on some baby stuff and got rooms cleaned out and rearranged. I just need to paint and figure out what we are doing about a crib (our original plan may not work) and then we are all set for little Levi.  

I'll leave you with some belly pics from the past couple weeks:

And This Weeks: