Thursday, February 6, 2014

Midwife Appointment, Results from Glucose test, and 32 Weeks!

Hello 32 Weeks!

This week has started out rough. Pain wise its crappy, I have no idea why either. I just have this horrible pain up and down my legs, which doesn't feel great along side the hip pain. What can I do right? It is what it is. 

Monday I had a midwife appointment  (I was still 31 weeks) and it went great! My weight is still on track and my blood pressure is still great. My blood pressure blows my mind because it was always crazy in Haleigh's and Lucas's pregnancies. I guess in the 3rd and 4th pregnancies I've been doing something better. Who knows. 

I also passed my 3 hour glucose test!!!
Woot Woot!! 
This is one happy girl. 

So my next appointment is Feb. 24 (34 Weeks). Hopefully things keep going well. 

I also FINALLY got to go to my Chiropractor and get adjusted. It was wonderful and of course made me feel better. If you've never been to one you really need to go. 


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