Sunday, March 30, 2014

Almost 40 Weeks Pregnant or Baby Time?!

Geez Did I leave you hanging or what? 

I didn't realize it's been so long since I posted anything!

I'm suppose to be 39 weeks 4 days today, but I am actually 12 days postpartum. Little Levi decided he was ready to come into the world a little early. I will write out his actual birth story in another post, but the short and sweet version is that my water broke Sunday night (March 16) and he finally decided to make his debut Tuesday night (March 18). It was absolutely crazy and long but I did it all with no pain meds at all! I did not get my water birth which kind of stinks but by the time he decided to finally come, it was super fast and he ended up being born in the shower floor. 

He was/is absolutely perfect. Breastfeeding is going amazing and at 12 days old he is already past his birth weight. I am in complete shock that is going so well after having such a hard time with Lucas. 

I am also doing good now, although this recovery has definitely been the hardest.  

I'll leave you with our last few belly shots:

And of course......


Levi Dixon

March 18, 2017
7lbs 12oz 19.25in 
GA: 37.6 Weeks


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