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Levi's Natural VBAC 44hr Labor and Delivery Story. (Part 1)

The Birth Story

This is going to be a long one so it will probably be in a few parts. Keep in mind my labor was 44 hours long! I'm going to try to not bore you to death. I will also keep the the pictures PG. 

The days leading up to Levi's birth were filled with contractions. I thought my body was getting ready and maybe I was a little dilated, but had no intention of finding out any time soon. I just wanted labor to start on it's own and get going good. I was also only 37 weeks so I figured we had time. 

Saturday, March 15, we decided to head to a local park and take some maternity pictures. The pictures went really well although I was contracting the whole time and felt really nauseous. At one point I actually threw up and another time I had to lay down right there in the grass. 

Maternity Pics @ 37.3 Weeks 

Trying not to get sick, which only 
worked for a little while.

After the pictures we spent the day with friends enjoying the day. The whole time my contractions never let up. They were consistently 4-5 minutes apart and some were really strong. I waited awhile because I was not convinced it was enough to be real labor but remembering my labor with the Twins we figured I may as well get checked. 

We went ahead to the hospital; because although I used a midwife it was still through the hospital so we had to go to triage. I was hooked up and monitored for a little while. The contractions were showing up and, like I had thought, they were 4-5 minutes apart. After an hour or so one of my midwives came in and checked me. I was barley a fingertip! I figured with this being my 4th pregnancy and 5th baby and those contractions I would at least be a full 1 or 2, but nope. So we were sent home, which was fine with me because honestly I was not ready for him to come yet. 

The next day I still felt like crap but the contractions were more random than the day before. We decided to be lazy and stay in because it was nasty rainy outside and I was just not up to much. The only thing we ended up doing was going a birthday party. 

That night the kids and I did Mud Masks and were just silly before bedtime. 

We put the kids to bed and we went to bed ourselves. David laid down before me (which was unusual) so I got all my dozens of pillows fixed and slid into bed. The SECOND I laid down I felt a gush of water and sat up quickly. I was thinking to myself  "Did I seriously just pee on myself?!", but when I sat up and it didn't stop I jumped out of the bed. In that split second I knew and started yelling at David to wake up! I was standing there soaking the floor and it took him a min to realize what was going on.

I guess the sound of water hitting the floor  got to him eventually. He jumped up and started a little freak out session. I couldn't help but just laugh. My water had never broken on its own so this was new to me. David started calling everyone, even though I told him not to because I wasn't steadily contacting anymore. He got towels and we cleaned up a little and I went to get in the shower. One of my best friends(Amy) showed up then and at that point she and David started freaking out wanting me to go to the hospital. I wanted to take a shower and get ready but listening to those two I just stuffed a towel between my legs and let Amy take me to the hospital, while David waited on his mom to get there to stay with our kids.  

I think everyone's biggest concern was that we lived 30-40 minutes from the hospital, so if I am actually in labor like I was with the Twins we might not make it. This did not turn out to be the case. We got back to triage and again I was hooked up. I was having contractions but nothing like the night before. The midwife came in again and confirmed my water had broken (not that we needed the conformation). She checked me again and guess what?? I was exactly the same as the day before. Which pretty much floored us. Whose water breaks and you're not even really dilated? She then told me I could go back home get some rest and come back tomorrow or when things picked up or we could go get checked in and induce here. I chose to go home and hope things got started. 

My water broke at 10:30pm so she told me to come back by 11am if things didn't change. That would be the 12 hour mark and when they would want to start monitoring me or figuring out other options. 

So now we are at 12am March 17.

 I will continue in the next post; I told you it was long. 
Link to part 2 HERE


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