Thursday, May 8, 2014

Levi's Natural VBAC 44hr Labor and Delivery Story. (Part 2)

This Is Part 2 of My Labor & Delivery Story. Read Part 1 HERE

We went home and decided to get some sleep. I figured if things got bad it would wake me up and being at maybe a 1 I wanted sleep. 

Turns out sleeping wasn't that easy. I was too wired and couldn't get comfortable. Not to mention I was still leaking. So I ended up getting up at 4:30am. I took a shower and bounced on the yoga ball. Around 6:30am I got our older kids up and ready. Then David's mom got back and took Haleigh to school and Lucas to OT. 

I labored at home some more, then at 8:30 we decided to head out and try to get this labor going more by walking. It was rainy and cold so walking the park was out. We decided to just walk some of the stores along the way since it was too early for the mall to open. We stopped at Target, then PetSmart, then KMart.  It was uncomfortable and I had to stop a few times but my contractions would get into a regular pattern. So at 10:45am we decided to head back to the hospital. I think next time if that happens I'm staying home until things get serious. 

We got to the hospital and back up to triage right at 11am. We were able to get a room and skip the actual triage part this time. It was pretty quite that morning so we were able to choose which room we wanted, which was pretty cool.  They had rooms with windows and rooms without windows, I chose with windows, I hate being in windowless rooms.

We got set up in our room and IV started. It was crazy because all the nurses just came in and hung out with me while David was getting things from the car. I got all set up with monitors and questions answered around 11:20. At 12pm  my second midwife of this labor came in and checked me again to see how we needed to proceed. I was 2cm 75% and -2 station. So my body was doing its job. but slowly. (Next time I am seriously not going in even with broken waters, unless contractions are steady or I feel the need) So we went ahead and started pitocin. 

We walked and walked and did squats. I tried to stay active so things would get going. I had a wireless monitor so I was able to leave my room and I could wear whatever I wanted so I didn't have to walk the halls with my butt out or leaking more. I did stay in the gown until I was getting in the pool though (that part comes later). 

The contractions would come and they would hurt, but they were not getting into any kind of good pattern. Levi was up  and sitting funny. He wasn't putting enough pressure on my cervix to get it to open up. 

At 7pm I was checked again and was only 3cm! That was seriously frustrating. Wasted a whole day doing crazy stuff and only dilated 1cm. She upped my pitiocin and we went back to what we were doing. Around 8:30 contractions picked up like crazy and were hurting more and for longer. I started getting a bloody show at 9:30ish. 

Then we headed into our long night. I was trying to get rest but was hurting a lot now. Pitocin SUCKs! At 11:50pm I was 4.5cm 80% and -1. At 2am I was 5cm and at 6:20am I was 6cm. At this point they started bringing in the stuff for the pool.  I also had midwife #3 show up, we will call her B here. She assured us that we would have a baby before she left that day. 

At 8:30 I finally got into the pool. At first my contractions were doing good and the water was definitely helping with the pain.  However, the mix of stopping pitocin and the water relaxing me worked against me and things slowed back down. At 9:30 B checked me and I had made no progress. So, I got out of the pool and back on the pitocin.   Around 4pm we repeated this process. I was at 7cm now and with previous births this part went by the fastest. NOT the case this time. I sat in the water for an hour again just to get back out and on pitocin again due to no change. 

It was crazy, long, and frustrating. The labor that is. The nursing staff and my midwives were all amazing and encouraging. They knew what our plans were and never once bugged me about pain meds, just would ask if I was ok or needed anything. So here we are around 40hrs in and I still had had no pain medication. I was absolutely hurting and was pissed off at the pitocin, but never felt the need/want to get meds. 

Arouns 7pm things started getting crazy. Somewhere between 4 and 6 I was checked again and was 8cm. I was seriously getting frustrated around 7. Two of my best friends were with me along with David. At 6:30ish David's uncle came to visit but I was irritated and hurting and just told D to go out and talk to his uncle because I didn't feel like having anyone else come in and I didn't feel like putting clothes on. 

At 7 I hit the transition phase. I had no idea what was going on at that time. All I knew was I was frustrated and so done with the stupid pitocin. I called for my nurse to come take this crap out of my arm. I was walking around in just my sports bra, because honestly at this point I just didn't care. Amy and Kristen knew something was going on with me so when B showed up instead of my nurse they called David back in. 

B knew what was going on even if I didn't. She asked if she could check me again, and said "I don't care, I'm probably still a freaking 8". She just stayed super patient with me and checked me. I was 9.5cm but Levi was still up too high. She agreed to let me get off the pitocin again but we both agreed not to get back in the pool yet just in case. 

I told everyone I just wanted to go sit on the yoga ball in the shower again and just get through the contractions. David went in to get the shower going and I followed. The moment I tried to sit down everything changed. The second my butt touched that ball Levi turned and I jumped up. In that instant I knew he was coming and the crazy energy and sensation of child birth were in full force. There was no time to get back into the tub and I didn't think I was going to make it back to the bed, so little Mr. Levi was born right there in the shower. 

I walked into the bathroom to sit in the shower at 7:25, Levi came into this world at 7:32pm. The second he turned it was over. If he would have just turned his little self earlier we could have avoided all these long hours. 

Oh well in the end he was a perfect 7lb 12oz and in our lives. 

It was long, but it was amazing.

SO SO Worth it!


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