Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where Did This 2 MONTH Old Come From?!

This little dude is 2 months old already!

We had his 2 month check up this past Monday. I thought he was doing amazing but I was a little wrong. Apparently, all his spitting up may be causing him to not gain weight the way he should.  I feel terrible for not realizing his weight gain was that great. To me he was gaining and his spitting up wasn't causing him pain so I thought he was fine. I mean I'm used to having smaller babies that grow up to be giant. 

 So he is now on Zantac to see if that helps and we have a weight check in a month. I LOVE our pedi she is seriously the best and super nice. She didn't blame anything on me  and didn't jump straight to the "YOU NEED TO SUPPLEMENT" crap that Lucas' doctor did. She also didn't act like I was crazy for wanting to discuss vaccinations. She had a very good conversation and make a great decision that worked for us. She was not pushy at all. 

Other than the possible reflux causing his weight gain to slack he is perfect! Developmentally he is right on track. He rolls over from front to back and even showed his dr at the appointment, so if that doesn't say he's doing good I don't what does. 

As for other developmental things the picture pretty much says it all.

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