Friday, May 9, 2014

Who likes Mary Kay?? #MKGlam VoxBox

I am apart of this cool little review site called Influenster. Every once in awhile they will send out a "VoxBox" filled with things to try out and review. There is no payment on either side, just cool products for reviews. 

The most recent VoxBox I received is the #MKGlam box, and it is filled with Mary Kay products!

Exciting, isn't?!

I got more excited as I went through the items and tried them out. I don't really wear a lot of makeup and I'm kind of a cheapo, so Mary Kay wasn't high on my list of things to get. I thought they were an old company that kind of got pushed to the side by Avon and pretty much older people used. 

Boy, was I wrong!

They are actually getting pretty popular again and all of their products are updated. Definitely things I would wear and even teens would use.

These are the items I received:

Gel Eyeliner w/expandable applicator, in Jet Black

Mineral Cheek Color, in Shy Blush

Bronzing Powder

NouriShine Plus Lip gloss, in Mango Tango

Cream Eye Color, in Apricot Twist
Concealer/Eye color Brush

Translucent Loose Powder
Powder Brush

Lash Love Mascara, in I <3 Black

I did try all of these products. This is the look I came up with using them all and no other products. 

I actually like all of the products and they seem to hold up well through out the day. 

The gel liner was easy to apply but not easy to control. Honestly though that's probably because I had never used gel liner before. 

The blush and bronzer were also easy to use and actually blended in well. I don't think I look like tanned clown, do you?

The lip gloss is WAY brighter than what I am use to. However, I like this color and it felt great on. It wasn't too thick and didn't make me feel like I had a jar of Vaseline on my lips. It went on smooth and mad my lips feel great. 

The eye cream was really nice. It went on smoothly and didn't get clumped up. Even wearing it throughout the day it didn't clump up or get that crease lines that a lot of them do. It wasn't too heavy either. The color was nice but kind of light to be the only color, I think.

I love the locked inside lid on the translucent powder. I was not aware of the feature before this product. It makes storage and use much easier. The power it's self was very light and easy to use. It was also light on my face didn't weigh me down or make me look like a ghost. It definitely did it's job and kept away the shine.  

Then the mascara, I am simple and LOVE the simplicity of this mascara. It goes on and does it's job with out fuss or mess.

In all I do like these products. I would absolutely recommend them to other and plan to order more for myself. The only real grip I have is they are on the pricier side and not something you can just pick up close to home.

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