Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crazy Ninjas?

Life gets crazy! I honestly don't know how all of you other "Mommy Bloggers" keep up your blogs and vlogs. I spend all day wrangling two rambunctious kids and trying to keep an infant happy. These things are not always accomplished. Actually the past week or so I have been a complete failure. Maybe not "complete" but it's sure getting close.

Summer time is great but it has seriously gone to my older kids heads. They are insane little people, who find the weirdest things to get into and the worst moments to destroy things. Oh and keeping a 3 month old asleep while his 6 & 3 year old siblings are destroying our home? Impossible.  This then turns into a 3 hour screaming fit because said 3 month old is overly tired, wont eat, sleep, or be happy now. Of course during that 3 hour screaming fit, I have to play referee and maid to the 6 and 3 year old. Sounds fun doesn't it?

Although the last two days have been the worse and I have been on the edge of loosing my mind, today has been better. Levi has been pretty happy and sleeping like a 3 month old should. Haleigh and Lucas have also not been crazy fighting ninjas. They been normal crazy kids. If all days were like today this might just be "easy".

In the end "easy" = "boring" and my life is anything but that. 


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