Monday, July 14, 2014

Scary Friday!

I swear Lucas is going to age me more than my other two kids put together. I am always so afraid he's going to break something and we're going to end up in the hospital. So far things have been minor and not stitches required.

 **knock on wood** Don't want to jinx it!

This past Friday was one of those scary days that he literally almost gave me a heart attack. The poor kid couldn't walk, at all. He hadn't fallen or anything that I knew of and seem normal besides the fact that he could not walk. It was so pitiful and extremely scary. 

I woke up Friday morning to Lucas screaming for me. I walked into his bedroom to find him on all fours crying. It was the most heart breaking thing I'd ever seen. He told me he through sobs that he had to use the potty but he couldn't get to the potty. I quickly got him up and got him to the bathroom. My heart was breaking for him and I was panicking at the same time. 

When he was done I watched him try to walk and he would just crumble. He could stand but the minute he tried to move it was over. It was just too painful. I called his doctor and told them what was going on, they told me to come in. So I got both boys ready (David had already taken Haleigh to camp) and we rushed to the doctor. 

I had to carry both Lucas (who couldn't even bend so he could sit on my hip) and Levi into the office. It wasn't easy but we got in and were called back quickly. He was examined and we came to the conclusion that whatever it was was in his hips and not his legs. We went on to do some bloodwork and X-rays. 

Of course, while trying to do the X-rays the machine screwed up so we had to wait to try again.

We went home to get some rest while we waited for the machine to be fixed and bloodwork to come back. David was able to come back home at this point and was able to help when we got back to the doctor's office. 

The X-rays showed that things seemed to be normal and if the bloodwork came back normal then what he had was probably Synovitis. It's where the fluid around the joint (in his case his hip) was inflamed. The doctor said it was totally random when it happens, much like catching a cold. We were told to give him Motrin and wait for the rest of the bloodwork to come back.

We waited again and finally around 5:30 that evening we were told bloodwork was fine so the above was most likely the problem.  We were told to come back in in the morning if he didn't seem any better. 

Luckily around 7:30ish that night he was FINALLY able to walk again! He was limping but he was walking.  That poor child went through a lot that day for it to be nothing major. I am so so thankful he is ok and it wasn't more serious. He seriously scared us all. 
He's showing off his Chuggington trains we got him to "help him feel better". 
This boy and his trains!

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