Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another Surrogacy?!?!?

So, do I have exciting news to share? 

Sorta kinda.......

No I am not matched or "officially" with any IPs. I am also not "officially" with an agency. I AM, however, starting the process of possible doing a other surrogacy!

Exciting, isn't?

It will be super exciting if it actually all works out and I can help another couple have the family they have been wanting. 

 I'm  not really sure how this will all work this time, either. I am talking to agency that's closer to home. They specialize in regional matches, so the IPs will be close to me. They seem really nice and on top of things. I sent in the application a week or so ago and had the phone interview last week. Things went really well in the phone interview so we moved onto the next step. Which is sending in all of my paperwork. I did all of that yesterday, so now it's a game of wait and see.

I think I'm more nervous this time than I was last time. I hope they don't nit pick and say no for whatever reason. Things like the twins being born at 33.6 weeks or pregnancy induced hypertension.  I mean these things don't always happen. The blood pressure thing hasn't been an issue since I had Lucas. I take much better care of myself and I seriously think those cases were the "white-coat syndrome". I hate that the twins were born early but, lets face it, they were twins and large for their gestation. They were perfect and had no complications. Also, I'm not longer working so I will will be off of my feet more (or I can be). 

Wish me luck!


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