Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life and Health Scares

Maybe one of these days I will have extra time in my life to start blogging again. It's sad that I have no extra time or else when I get a spare moment I am too tired to do anything! I think I let it all just get to me and maybe blogging would help, who knows. 

Anyway, these past two months have been crazy. Haleigh and Lucas started school in July and are doing so well. It amazes me how far Lucas has come in just these two months. I am SO proud of him! He's still hyper as ever but he can reign it in a little and learn. Haleigh is so fun to listen to; sometimes I forget she is only in 1st grade. 

Levi is 6 months old now! This seriously blows my mind! How does 6 months go by that fast? Actually, where has this year gone? It feels like 2014 has gone by in a blink! I guess it's true what they say. they older you get the faster times goes. Sign, back to little mister. Poor little guy has had a lot to deal with in his little 6 months of life. All due to his poor weight gain and horrible GERD. He's had an upper GI X-Ray (which at first we thought would be a normal upper GI and scared us to death) and a sweat test to see about Cystic Fibrosis. Luckily all of those tests have come back normal AND his reflux has improved sooooo much in the last 2 weeks! Even better his weight gain has picked up!! He is no longer in the 1% on the growth charts. He has a GI Specialist appointment next week but I have a good feeling that one will probably be his last. 

So there you have it on the kiddo updates. I'm not sure if you want me to bore you with all of the rest but it may be coming......

Also, another little side note. Guess who put in her application with a new surrogacy agency??? This Girl! That's right, I've venturing back into the surro world. Hopefully things work out at well as they did last time. I'm not 100% how this is all going to play out this time. 

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