Saturday, December 27, 2014

Growing Fast, Schooling, and Surrogacy

Lots of things are happening around here. 

Levi is 9 months old now and getting so big! It's hard to believe this little chuck was once slow gaining weight and had us all worried like crazy. He has the best personality and I'm pretty sure he's going to be a mess when he's older. He's going to be into everything! He's crawling really well now and cruising everything he can pull up on. We had his well check yesterday and besides a slightly low hemoglobin he is doing fantastic!

Haleigh and Lucas are both doing well in school for the most part. Academically they are both doing great. Emotionally and behaviorally is a little different though. I'm pretty sure H just gets bored and frustrated. If she doesn't understand something and there isn't anyone to help explain it then she gets very frustrated and shuts down. Lucas is fine until the kids start bugging him. They tend to "pick" on him because they know they can get a reaction and he can be a scapegoat. (It's amazing how these small little kids have already figured this out) This is all coming from his speech therapist and Occupational therapist who are able to sit in and observe the class. 

It's hard to know for sure what to do about these issues and some others I have with the school it's self. After a lot of thinking and researching I think we have decided that next year we are going to start homeschooling. I think this will be a much better option for us and let my children reach their full potential. We are letting them finish this year out and are going to start next fall. I have a friend that home-schools her daughter and her son has been in Haleigh's class for the last three years. She has decided she is fed up with the school also and is going to just homeschools both of her children. She has given me tons of advice and pointed me in the right direction for information. 

I really think this will be the best option for us. I have a lot of research to get done before August and a lot of planning to do!

Then the last big thing going on is that I am slowly entering back into the surrogacy world. I may have already mentioned it and I didn't bother to look (sorry!). It's been going VERY slowly. I want a match that is closer to me this time, that way the IPs are able to be more involved if they would like to be. I have talked to 4 sets of IPs (Intended Parents) and an agency so far. We have for sure decided against going with this agency for a couple of reasons. They aren't horrible or anything, just not for us. We've decided to try to go "Indy" this time and see where that leads us. 

Indy just means we aren't going to use a an agency. I'm not 100%s sure how I feel about it but I think it will be ok, Since, I have already done this before I have an idea of how things "should" go. So far I have talked to four sets of IPs. Two sets I've moved on from for different reasons and the other two I am still talking to. Of the last two I have talked on the phone with one and just been emailing with the other.  I'll call one L couple and the other C couple. 

L couple is the couple I've spoken to on the phone. I get that "warm fuzzy" feeling surrogates talk about (and I had with A&E) when I talk to them. I would LOVE to work with them but I feel like they are going to choose another surrogate. They want someone really close to them and we are a 2 hour drive apart. It's sad but I really feel that's what's going to happen.  C couple is the couple I've been emailing with. They seem like a wonderful couple and I love talking to them but I don't  get the "warm fuzzies". They are closer to me and we agree on pretty much everything. I'm not sure if I haven't gotten that feeling because I don't know as much about them as L couple or what the issue is.  

Wish me luck and I will keep you updated. Hopefully God will show me the right path to take soon!


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