Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hello Meds!! (Surrogacy Ramble)

Today is a pretty awesome day. It's a day that we have been building up to for awhile. 

Today is MED START!

It's crazy that we are FINALLY here! Keeps us in your thoughts and prayers as this journey hits the most important part (besides birth). 

Since I have left things so slack and so uniformed I guess I should go back a little. 

At the end of March I ended up having my Gallbladder removed. The doctors were satisfied that I did not have cancer and to stop my pain removed the gallbladder. The Surgery went well, but the recovery was worse than I had expected. They ended up cutting two extra times because there were so many gallstones. Luckily I am completely healed now with no complications. 

Since that was, finally, out of the way we were able to get things really going with the surrogacy!

In order to get to where we are today I had to finish up some medical screening and do a psych eval. 

I managed to be able to set up the blood work and sonohystogram I needed for the same day. I had a small hick up before the appointment day but, luckily, I was able to figure it all out and get everything done.  

We were able to get everything finished up by the end of April and everything came back perfect! 

So we were able to keep on moving. 

Contracts came next. 

At first we thought we may have trouble with timing and the attorneys getting everything together in time. 
Luckily, this was not the case and we were able to get everything in a day before deadline!! 

This moment was so great! All of that initial fear of not getting things done in time and running into more bumps was finally put aside. We made it!! 

Now the real fun begins!!

I received my calendar around the second week of May and knew what our med start and transfer dates were going to be. 

So when we officially had the contracts in we were able to move on with getting meds! Contracts were signed and turned in on May 21 and I got that awesome package on May 23! 

For those that are not in this "World of Surrogacy" this may seem like an extremely crazy and scary package. However, for me and the rest of the surrogacy world it is so exciting!!

Lots and lots of medication for getting my uterus all ready for my new little friend. Hopefully he or she will like me enough to hang out with me for 9ish months!

It was nice having everything early, it gave me more time to organize. I thought about trying new methods this time but honestly I think my method form last time will work best.                   ----------------------------------> 
(I'll make a separate post about what medications I will be taking this time)

Also, in case you were wondering how truly amazing and wonderful my IM is look at this!!

M sent me this little care package to get me through the shots and other meds. Is this not the cutest sweetest gift ever?!?! 

I cannot express enough how much I love it and her. She has seriously become a great friend. I want this all to work so so badly for them!

This of course leads us to today. Full day of meds down and now it's time to hit the hay!

As of the time I'm posting this we have 
27 days til transfer!!


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