Saturday, June 13, 2015

Meds, Meds, and more Meds........

As of today the countdown to transfer is 10 days. 

10 Days 'Till Transfer!!

WHAT! We are almost to single digits. 

This is the epitome of the "hurry up and wait" every surrogate and IP comes to know so well. 

So, I started medications on May 27, 

with Lupron 10units, Baby Aspirin, BCP, and Prednisone 10mg. 

On May 30 I took my last BCP and Baby Aspirin. 
This left me with just Lupron that 
dropped to 5 units and Prednisone 10mg. 

On Tuesday June 2 I had a baseline ultrasound done and blood work to check estrogen. Although the RE at my monitoring clinic through around some words that scared me and the bill my IM got listed some craziness for a "diagnoses" everything looked great and we were able to move along. 

On Friday June 5 I started my estrogen support. For this journey it is just a Delestrogen intramuscular injection. I have to take a dose every Tuesday and Friday vs the every 3 days I was use to last time. My dose for the first twin injections was 0.2mls. I took my third dose last night and it was upped to 0.3mls. 

On June 9 I had to have that infamous Intralipid infusion I think I told you about before. The stuff that's suppose to help keep my body from attacking the baby or future pregnancies because of our partial DQ alpha match. I am still not fully convinced it was needed or that this DQ alpha matching is a real thing that will inhibit this pregnancy, but like I've said before "Better safe than sorry". 

So far my "symptoms" have been very mild, nothing too crazy. I've been weepy and at times a little extra irritated. I've had few lupron headaches but only one was real bad.  The intralipids didn't really have any affect on me. I actually kind of felt better the day after I had it. Yesterday I had this weird "full" sensation in my uterus, or at least that's what it felt like. I don't know what that was but it seems to be gone today. 

Tomorrow (June 15) I will have lab work to check my estrogen levels and see how they are doing. After that I will get more instructions about what my injection dose on Tuesday will be. 

Then on Thursday the 18th M and I will be flying to NJ for my final lining check!  Keep your fingers crossed and prayers coming that my lining will be huge and fluffy and ready to carry a little baby M&L!! 


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