Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Such A Change!

This little boy has had us on our toes since the day he broke his amniotic sack. I would say "Since the day he was born" but the 44 hour labor was the true start of his sass. 

I knew that little 7lb 12oz baby was going to give me a run for my money after that but I don't think I truly knew the extent and I'm sure I still don't. 

The long labor, the low sugar, the tons of tests for poor weight gain, the cough that never goes away, the no sleeping (like at ALL), the major reflux, and the Ambulance ride all had my nerves tore up and my mind wondering what I could do to help my baby. 

The answer to that was, I would do all I could and treat him like nothing was wrong. Act like the sleep deprivation didn't bother me and that changing my clothes and washing blankets a million times a week wasn't a big thing. The doctors appoints every other week and diet changes weren't a big deal either. This is what a mother does for her child. Even if with all of that something had been found wrong we would have kept going and he would be just like his brother and sister. Perfect to us. 

Luckily everything we did and all the pushing through paid off. He is now a perfect healthy 15 month old with an attitude that can change the world (or get him into trouble).  He's no longer below the lowest line of the charts and no one is in fear of him not thriving and getting enough nutrients. He is my best eater and so much fun. At his check up today he was 25.3 lbs and 31.5 in tall. Such a change! 

I am so blessed that God surprised us with this wild spunky little boy. 


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