Monday, December 7, 2015

Name Change and We met our new IPs!!

Don't be alarmed by the name change! It's still me :) 

I changed my YouTube name a while ago so I figured it was time to change my blog too. I think this fits us well. At least I hope it does. 

Anyway, there is news on the surrogacy front! 

We met our IPs in person last weekend.
I was nervous and excited and happy the day was finally here. 
The day didn't disappoint. It was just lunch but we spent 3 hours sitting there talking and getting to know each other a little.
I think they are FANTASTIC!

After my last match failed I was really sad and worried that I would t find another couple I could get along with like M&L. (Or mostly M) I love the relationship we have/had. It's one of the things I really wanted. I'm not sure if L and I will have THAT kind of relationship but I think there is a chance and that's really all I want. 

It was so nice talking to them. It was like talking to old friends. We talked sports, life, travel, and surrogacy. They are so laid back and open. I'm not really use to the open part. My last two sets of IPs are very private, especially about surrogacy. L&S are not like that all   They talk about if with everyone. Family, friends, and people off the street. It's going to be very different and I'm excited about it! 

They are also pretty much up for anything. They don't care if I use a midwife or have any restrictions that they are worried about. S's exact words were "You've had twins and 3 of you're own. I think you know what you're doing". LOVE! How awesome is that? 

I am beyond words excited to move forward. Hopefully their RE likes me too and gives us the go ahead!! 


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