Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Trees!

One of our Christmas traditions every year is to go out and chop down our own tree. There is just something about looking for and finding that perfect tree. Then to chop it down yourself is a whole new adventure. It's pretty hard to cut down a tree with a handsaw, just sayin'. 

We had a tree farm we stuck with for awhile but you can't cut down Fraser Firs there. Fraser Firs are my absolute favorite! So last year we ventured into North Carolina to find one. Our tree was pretty but the price of the tree and the location of the farm were a little crazy so we wanted to try something new this year. However, as things tend to go, we were late getting a tree this year and couldn't find a good spot with Fraser Firs.

Soooooooo we ended up a new (to us) Farm in South Carolina. It's called Merry Christmas Tree Farm. They, of course, didn't have "cut your own" Fraser firs but I was pleasantly surprised at their selection. They have trees everywhere! Tiny trees to HUGE trees and pretty much all of them were beautiful. They have a fantastic variety and their pricing is almost too good to be true.

After finding our perfect tree

we chopped it down 


and dragged it to "center stage" so it could be shaken and tied/wrapped up.


While all that was happening we paid for our tree and enjoyed some hot chocolate.

Santa was even there!

All in all this was a great place and we may just be back next year!


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