Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our November

A month has come and gone since my last post. In that month a LOT has happened. We had yearly health check ups, dentist appointments, celebrated my older kiddos birthdays, went to Haiti on a mission trip, and celebrated Thanksgiving. 

We started the month off with Dentist appointments for all three kiddos. I do them all at the same time to make my life easier. You might think going to the dentist with my three would be crazy and hard but it's really not that bad. Our pediatric dentist and their staff are amazing. Plus my mom has volunteered to go with me the past two times.  The staff gets all three in separate rooms at the same time and I bounce between them when the dentist goes in. Usually Levi is last because my mom or I hold him in our lap while they do his teeth. (He still hates it but it needs to be done) All three got the all clear and don't have anything wrong for now. Haleigh has some spots we need to watch and Levi may be missing a tooth completely but other than that we are perfect!

That same week we had the Bigs yearly check up with their pediatrician (whom I LOVE). That appointment was also a joint thing, it just makes things easier. Although three kids in one tiny room is CRAZY. Both kiddos checked out beautifully. Lucas has perfect eye sight and is growing perfectly. Haleigh had another quick x-ray to track her growth again. Those results came back ok. She is still growing faster than normal but not enough that we need to do anything yet. Hopefully this is stays something small and doesn't affect her in the long run. Other than that she is perfect. Neither kiddos needed vaccinations or anything (we choose not to get the flu shot) so we are good to go for another year. 

That weekend we celebrated the Bigs birthdays!

This year Haleigh turned 8 and Lucas turned 5!! It never ceases to amaze me how fast a year goes by and how quickly they are growing up. We did another joint party  for the two at a bowling ally this year. 
It was a success! All of the kids had a blast! Everyone got fed, got to bowl, and we didn't have to sell a kidney to pay for it. (seriously though have you seen the price of some of the birthday venues?!)

They didn't "officially" turn a year older until the next week. So the week of their actual birthdays they got to choose a restaurant and we had special dinners those days. 

The next week David and I went to Haiti! It was an amazing trip. I will share all about that in my next post. This post has gotten a little long winded, so I will give you a break.


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