Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We Got A Camper!

To be more specific we got a travel trailer. 

It's been on our "wish list" for awhile but we never actually put any effort into looking for one or figuring out what we really want.  

We just knew we love to go places and after talking A LOT about it we figured this would be the perfect option for us. We will be able to go more places for a lot cheaper. I mean hotel rooms for the 5 of us don't come cheap. 

Our travel list has definitely gotten longer now and these camp grounds are so much fun! I never knew the variety that is out there. 

This is what we got: 

This photo is from google. I never got an outside picture.

A Starcraft Autumn Ridge 278bh

I did a little walk through for our YouTube channel. 
(Shortened For The Blog)

We are so excited for the adventures to come!

Written 10/27/16

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