Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jellystone Park at River Bottom Farms

After leaving James Island County Park we headed to Jellystone Park at River Bottom Farms.

This park is in the middle of nowhere. There is not much at all around it. So it isn't a place to stay if you want to do anything outside of the park.

This campground was not at all what I was expecting. 

Our Site
This was the first time we had run into the "child tax". It wasn't as bad as some places but it still bugs me. Basically some parks charge you after the first 2 or 4 people for extra people. In some cases children 2 and under are free but everyone else is charged. We are a family of 5 so there is no way we are getting around that. On this trip we had 9 in our group. I expected a little extra fee but not for 5 of us. I am prepared for this in the future, though. 

The edge of our site
The sites were all out in the open, no shade at all. We had an end site so the space was great and we had a little fence around the front of us. It was all grass with a wood picnic table and raised fire pit. The sites were nice, I just personally prefer wooded sites. I didn't realize when we booked it how open it was. The only real downfall of the site (besides no shade) was the fire ants. They were bad there and made me make a side note to keep ant killer in the camper. 

We were across from the playground &
volleyball area
One the plus side the sites circled all of the amenities so the kids were able to run between our camper and the "fun stuff" and we were still able to keep an eye on them. 

This park had a pool, volley ball court, playground, jumping pillow, scheduled events, arcade, laundry,  and two fishing ponds. Lots of things to do and keep the kids busy. The pool was on the small side but this particular park isn't huge. The jumping pillow was only open at certain times and the owners were kind of ridiculous when it came to the kids jumping on it. 

That is my biggest complaint about this whole park. The owners or staff were horrible. To a be a family park filled with kids they were so unhappy and mean. There was one guy that was great and never seemed angry or mean, the women were awful though. They are the reason we will not be returning to this Jellystone. We will try out some others but not this one. 
Jumping Pillow
Horse swings at the park!

The kids did have fun. The bathhouse was very clean and taken care of. The whole park was clean and well taken care of. Those things were great. The attitudes of the women are just what turns us away. They really were awful. 


Written 10/30/16

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