Thursday, September 15, 2016

Surrogacy Round 2 Try 2...

Oh Man, this surrogacy journey has been such a roller coaster. I thought my first attempt at round 2 was crazy but this one topped it for sure. 

I'll go ahead and tell you this story doesn't end it sunshine and rainbows. Well, actually, there were some rainbows but that's not what I really mean. 

You already know we met our new IPs in Oct and decided to move forward with this journey. They were/are seriously amazing people and I wanted so badly to get them a baby. After sending our "Yes" to our agency they sent my records to L&S's RE to be approved. This took a ridiculous amount of time. One side said they never got but the other side said they sent it. On and on for 6ish weeks. The agency finally sent the record certified mail and Clinic got them. I then had a phone call "meeting" with the RE and it went really well. 

In January 2016 David and I drove down to Alabama to do the medical screening. It was not at all what I was expecting and honestly felt like a waste of time. They didn't do everything they said they would and sent us home to do more tests. (This really bugs me because I had to do tests at my OB's instead of at the RE who specializes in this stuff and I had driven 5hrs to come to.) In the end after another 2 months of tests mix ups we had med clearance and moved onto contracts.

This part didn't take a crazy long time but there were things that had to be tweaked. This contract looked like some cookie cutter thing the agency used for everyone. So we had to reword and take out things that didn't work for all of us. It wasn't horribly hard, just annoying. 

When that was done I thought we were good and would get a calendar soon. NOPE. It took another 2 months before we got a calendar and another month after that before I started medications. The lab happened to be shut down the week we needed so they pushed our cycle back a month. 

I finally started meds (Lupron Injections) June 22. Then after a good baseline on July 5 I started Estrace tabs. This went well and on July 18 I went in for my last lining check, which was 11.3! That was perfect so I was able to stop Lupron and started progesterone injections. Transfer was set for July 25. 

David and I set out for Alabama on July 24 to be ready for transfer the next morning. We had no clue what crazy was about to begin the next day. Everything seemed good until we woke up on July 25. After getting ready we got a phone call that the 2 embryos that had made it to this point weren't looking good. The RE wanted us to wait an extra day and see if they would be any better the next morning. This was crushing for all of us. This was L&S's 3rd attempt at making embryos and it wasn't looking any better than the previous times. For us we had planned a vacation and our kids were at a friends house because my Mom (who was suppose to have them) had gotten sick. It was crazy and we were all freaking out a little while praying for peace and strength through this. 

Little did me know that would be the biggest focus of our prayers over the next few weeks. 

We woke July 26 and were told neither embryo made it. They had one embryo that wasn't great quality but had been frozen. we decided to give it a shot. We were already there and ready why not give it shot?

We got the clinic and prayed this little embie would make it through the thaw. To everyone's happiness it DID! We then transferred the little guy (that would later be nick names "Pip"). That part went perfectly and Dr. H prayed over us. We were on our way home after that. There was no bed rest required so we just made our way back home to enjoy our vacation while this baby (hopefully) settled in. 

Here's where the hardest part comes in. 

I started testing super early so I could see when a line showed up if it was going to. We got our first faint line at 6dpt. I had an ok line on BETA day (8dpt) but it wasn't dark at all. I expected a low BETA but not the 18.6 we got that day. I was definitly worried at this point but the tests were very slowly getting darker. My BETAs went up but very very slowly. It was so nerve wrecking and hard to watch. We kept being told it could be a slow bloomer and just needed time. 

This went on for 4 weeks. My BETA's were
• 8dpt = 18.3 
• 13dpt = 27
• 16dpt = 45
• 20dpt = 137
• 23dpt = 214

At  30dpt I was suppose to be 6 weeks 6 days pregnant. We went in for an ultrasound. This really threw us for a loop. The RE found TWO gestational sacs. Both measuring 5wks2days but nothing could be seen in either of them. This left us in limbo again. We had to wait on the RE to tell us what she thought and what the plan was. This was another thing that mad this all a lot harder. The lack of communication and being able to get things done on the clinics side. It was a crazy mess of nonsense. 

Finally on August 30 (35 days after transfer) I was told to stop meds. The RE said it was likely a blighted ovum and wouldn't continue to grow. She told us it was best to stop now so I could avoid pills or surgery. L agreed and that was it. 

Three days later I had my first (and I pray the last) miscarriage. It was painful and heartbreaking. I think I was lucky though. I've heard horrible stories about miscarriages but for me it all happened pretty fast. It all started around 5am, by midday I completely miscarried, and by that evening the pain had subsided considerably. 

L & S decided not to try again so we split ways as far as surrogacy goes. I still think they are amazing people and pray there path is beautiful from here. 

Written 10/25/16

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