Wednesday, July 27, 2016

James Island County Park

Sunset Surf at Folly Beach
When we got the calendar for our surrogacy transfer we figured we would make the "two week wait" a little less stressful. Transfer was set for Monday so we thought we would spend the rest of the week camping. We settled on two different campgrounds for the week.

We planned our first stop at James Island County Park near Charleston, SC. Because of the delay we had at transfer we had one less day than planned here but it was absolutely wonderful. We wished we could have just stayed the whole week. Sadly they didn't have room. 

Fish/crabbing Marsh
James Island County Park is pretty big. It's inviting though and so beautiful. The sites were nicely spaced and there were bath houses central to most of them.  It is a beachy area and sand is everywhere so the bathhouses were full of it and not the cleanest places. We ended up not really using them if we could help it. 

This campground had a load of amenities and tons of great places within driving distance. 
Amenities at the Park
• Splash Pad
• Dock in the marsh for fishing or crabbing
• Trails (Hiking, Biking, skating)
•Dog Park (which is awesome and on the lake)
• Tons of other games and game areas
• Common Area where they have scheduled activities
• Climbing Wall ($14 day pass)
• Water Park, Summer ($12 adult, $9 under 48'', $0 under 2)
• Bike, pedal boat, & kayak rentals 

Splash Pad fun!
 Waiting on Hot Dogs to get done
More Splash pad fun!

Amenities Close By
   • Charleston 
• Beaches
•  Plantations

Yumm! Food at BG's
Folly Beach Surf
While we were there we went to Folly Beach. It was so beautiful and not over crowded. They had a little market set up and that seemed to cause traffic getting onto the island but it wasn't too bad. We went to the historic part of Charleston the next day. This is one of my favorite cities. We have been here tons of times but it never gets less beautiful or less appealing. On this trip we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. It was delicious, as usual. After leaving lunch we decided to take a Carriage Tour. Our guide was great and we learned new things that we hadn't learned on previous tours. 
So delicious!

Carriage Ride in Charleston
At the campground we played at the splash pad, went crabbing on the dock (which is beautiful), and had a hot dog dinner that the campground offered at the community center. We didn't really get to check out as much as we wanted because we had lost a day. This is also a public park so it did get kind of busy with daycare's and whatnot in the splash pad, water park and playground areas.  

Froggy Friend Lucas found on our last day
Family beach pic <3
On the carriage ride

This is definitely a campground we will be revisiting. 
I can't wait to check it out again. 

Written 10/30/16

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