Monday, October 24, 2016

Where Did 2016 Go?!

Oh man! Where did 2016 go?

It has been a crazy year and it seems blogging got left in the dust. Our year consisted of a roller coaster surrogacy, my first miscarriage, moving in with my Mom, buying a house, getting a dog, getting a camper, and living life the best we can.

There is so much to update on it will probably take me what's left of 2016 to do so. I really want to do it though. If not for you guys but for myself. I miss being able to look back at my blog and read about things that have happened. I want to be a better blogger in 2017 but who knows if that will actually happen. 

I may go and back date these entries and then link them here. 
Hmmmm Decisions Decisions......

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