Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Point South KOA

We spent the Labor Day Holiday at Point South KOA in Yemassee, SC.

Hurricane Hermine was passing by at this point so our trip down and arrival was full of rain and thunderstorms. We made it safely but by the time we actually made it to Point South it was getting late. We decided to just get dinner and get ready to sleep. We left the camper hooked up to David's truck all night. (We did get all of the necessities hooked up but doing that in the rain with an umbrella was all we wanted to deal with. 
The next morning all of the rain was gone and the sky looked like nothing had ever happened. The staff here was up early clearing debris and just making sure everything was nice and up and running. This was actually how they did things everyday. This was the most I've seen staff members at a park since we started camping. They were all very nice.  

Our Site
We were a little concerned about our site the first night because we were right beside one of the owners homes (I assume that's what it is). This made our space seem smaller than normal and we had no fire pit. The next day we realized that it really wasn't all that bad. We were busy doing other things so we didn't really need the extra space and no real time to build a fire.  

English phone booth!

This park was very nice and had a cozy feel. The kids favorite quirk was the London phone booth that kind of doubles as a library. The phone actually works too!

Can you spot the gator?
Hanging at the dog park

There is a lake on the property that was really pretty but I don't recommend hanging out at or letting your guard down. It is full of gators. We saw a 5 or 6 ranging in size from 2ft - 6ishft. None came out of the water but it was interesting to seem them out there swimming. The property also has a nice little dog park, play ground, gem mining feature, pool (not heated), and a fantastic bath house.  

Pool fun!
The water was COLD. but these two
didn't mind.

Gem Mining Station

Bath house!

Sunset at one of the landings we crabbed from
We didn't do the gem mining but we did take advantage of everything else. Although there isn't much super close to this park it isn't hard to find things to do if you want to drive a little. We went crabbing and fishing a couple of times from different landings. Poor Lucas leaned the hard way not to walk out on the mud when the tide is out. He sunk right into an oyster bed and got a pretty nasty gash in his leg. This set me out on a long trip to try and find an urgent care. The only one I found open didn't take our insurance. It really upset me at the time but it is what it is. I reused to take him into an emergency room because it's full of things that could just make him sicker or increase his chances of infection. I decided to "doctor" him up myself. With a trip to a local CVS I had my supplies and fixed him up. I did a pretty good job because now he hardly has a scar. I was scared to death at first but he was so tough and strong through it all. 

This KOA, like others, has cabins you can rent if you don't want to tent camp and don't have a RV. They were cute little things. This KOA does have two super unique cabins that would be nifty to stay in. There is one made from an old trolley car and another made from an old Caboose. Definitely neat, unique, and awesome. 

Train Caboose & Trolley cabins.

Fun in the Sun 
Playing in the sand at Hunting Beach
The third day of our trip we went to Hunting Beach State Park. It was about an hour from the KOA. This State Park is absolutely gorgeous. It was like stepping into another tropical world. Well, that's extreme but the trees and foliage made you feel like you were far away from South Carolina.  This was also another stamp in our SC State Parks book.
Loggerhead turtle nest!

  On the way here we did make a pit stop to explore some history at the Old Sheldon Church Ruins. It was so beautiful too. You could feel the history in this place. It was definitely one of those times that takes you back and makes you think about how life was back then. Makes you think of all the people in the graves around you.  The graves seem haphazardly placed all around the church.  There was probably good reason for it but I don't know what it is. 

Old Sheldon Church Ruins
This is on the front of the church now

  Thank you Point South KOA! It was very nice staying with you and we hope to make it back one day! We still have a lot to explore. 

Point South KOA


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